Holy Nothing + Muhaisnah Four: “Home”

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The video for ‘Home‘ is written by Leonor Alexandrino, João Marques, Jéssica Carriço and Daniel Ferreira. The Portuguese Holy Nothing allied themselves with the alternative electronics of Muhaisnah Four, Filipino artist based in Dubai. “We had never developed any music in collaboration with another artist, so we threw ourselves on this adventure with great anticipation,” the band shares.

Then two culturally distinct sides joined together by the electronics. After all, music will always be a privileged way of exploring new worlds.

Kill Moves: “Godspeed”

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On 01/12 the band from Minas Gerais, Kill Moves, released the video for “Godspeed“. The track integrates their debut EP “Transition” on the label of Balaclava Records. The clip features the colorful aesthetics of Creation Records bands.

Van Der Vous: “S O L”

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The project headed by Vitor Vous from Bahia, Van Der Vous, on 06/12 chose to launch his new single through a music video. “S O L” shows the new phase of the project and the video has images of the total eclipse of the moon.

Mannequin Trees: “A Little Closer”

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The Mannequin Trees project of the Sergipean musician Icaro Reis launched his new single “A Little Closer” on 17/11 with a music video. The song will integrate his new EP that will be released through the label of Balaclava Records from São Paulo.

“The song recounts an involuntary farewell; the thoughts we have when we still feel like someone” says Icarus about the track.

RØKR: “You Wake”

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Producer Roberto Kramer of Recife is venturing into a project that merges Dream Pop, Synth Pop and Chillwave. Its first LP was released by Balaclava Records under the name of RØKR.

On 11/10 the single “You Wake” won a music video full of scribbled interventions and drawings superimposed on images of nature.

Fernando Motta: “Meus Planos São Como Núvens”

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On December 14 the musician from Minas Gerais, Fernando Motta, who recently released the album Desde que o Mundo é Cego, made available the music video for the track “Meus Planos São Como Núvens“. This one that was directed by Fábio de Carvalho that also belongs to the Coletivo Geração Perdida of Minas Gerais.

Loomer: “Lack”

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Loomer of Porto Alegre is one of the most important bands of the Brazillian Noise / Shoegaze and released a new work via Midsummer Madness and Sinewave.

They made a video for “Lack“. This one that is traveled, colorful, vibrant, full of city lights and has an immersive atmosphere. Whoever signs the direction is Richard La Rosa.

Filipe Alvim: “Super Suco”

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Against the great film productions and the wave of characters such as Dollynho and Raposinha Sapeca, the Minas Gerais singer Filipe Alvim literally travels through a galaxy of The Sims in “Super Suco“.

Duly dressed to the fullness of SpongeBob he embarks on his spaceship accompanied by his clone (and Bob Marley fan). The track is featured on the album Beijos released last month by the label Pug Records.

Ra Fa El: “It’s So Much Fun”

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New music by Ra Fa El. He is Rafael Ferreira, Glockenwise guitarist who’s in his project solo. We already knew Caught By Chance, the first song that resulted from this parallel project.

Now comes “It’s So Much Fun“, voice of Pedro Zina, Rafael Ferreira‘s music, still without news of a possible EP that will be the result of these songs that he has done alone in his room.

Boogarins: “Corredor Polonês”

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Directed by Nei Caetano da Silva and Tom Yaniv, Corredor Polonês is the newest clip from the group of Boogarins from Goiás.

In the video that shows the beginning and end of life on Earth, colors and misshapen creatures like a psychedelic National Geographic episode about the history of evolution. The song is part of the mini-album Lá Vem a Morte, released in 2017.