Claudio Costa: “I’m Gonna Leave You”

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The song “I’m Gonna Leave You” is the new single from singer Claudio Costa. Marked by guitars and a POP atmosphere, the single was recorded at Estúdio Montanha and arrives as an isolated work, without being part of an EP or album.

“I wrote this song a few years ago, but it stayed there. The music talks about how sometimes even though things are over, we are still stuck with them and the process can be long and painful until you can make an end to it, “says Claudio.

Amarelo Manga: “O Dano”

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This year, Amarelo Manga debuted a live video for the single “O Dano” (The damage), the first record for the track that the Brazilian band has performed at their shows.

Launched in partnership with YouTube’s Geleia channel, the session was recorded last year, when the group still performed as a trio. According to Julio Santa Cecilia, Amarelo Manga wants to reveal more news gradually, while “cooking a new material”, in his words.

His debut album, Nuca, came out in 2016 on the label Deck, with the songs Miojo and Geribá in his repertoire.

Isaura: “I Need Ya”

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Isaura revealed to the public “I Need Ya“, the first single from his debut album, scheduled for release in the early months of 2018 and marking the beginning of a new phase in his career.

The song was written and composed by Isaura, and co-produced by the artist in partnership with Kking Kong. The video was produced and produced by Liliana Ramires.

According to Isaura: “Most of the time we know exactly what we need and we insist on looking where we know we are guaranteed not to find, I Need Ya talks about this vicious cycle that only we can dictate the end. Empty, brief, fleeting, futile, as if we were looking for something breathless, a sensation or someone who only lives during the day and who will never be there for you. I Need Ya is what we have lived with drunken and nameless loves; It is being numb, it is being asleep for life. ”

“The glass of water represents control and rationality; The possibility to choose, always. While the slightly ajar shutters, which will have continuity in the singles that will be extracted from this first disc, represent a finite world, a group of songs and sonority that make sense now and that expose another form of being of Isaura. However it is known at the outset that this work is temporary and does not imply continuity; Just as we all change hopelessly every second. This album will also be a result of several modifications from ‘Serendipity’ and the beginning of so many others. “

LOS NEGROS: “Lady King”

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Los Negros have just released their first EP Amor Nos Cornos (Love in the Horns), with a strong performative component. The singer, Sara Ribeiro, is an actress, and the lyrics were created by the director João Garcia Miguel. The band is complete with Gil Dionísio (Criatura), Alexandre Bernardo (Laia, Criatura), Márcio Pinto (Terrakota) and Hernani Faustino (Trio Vermelho). The EP exposes various feelings and inner struggles.

According to Sara, “Lady King” was created “from a child’s idea, from a dark side that exists in us, our shadow, that we tend to hide it instead of extolling it. To all the exiles, to all the women, to all the slaves, to all the emigrants. ”

Like the whole project, the video for “Lady King” follows an aesthetic line strongly marked by performance.

Electric Man: “Electric Domestique”

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The release of this theme comes to anticipate the second album of Tito Pires (ex-Gessicatrip) predicted for the next Portuguese autumn. “Electric Domestique” comes to materialize a process of homemade production and is a pure exploration of the motto ‘Do It Yourself’ in format “one man band” inside the four walls of house.

It’s 4 minutes of electronic beating in dissonance with creative guitar riffs in a game (no rules) in which Electric Man‘s personality and musical identity are boiling. The video was filmed with his child’s camera and leads us through recent and old images where we tell the story of Tito, a man who was born and grew up fed the music.

First Breath After Coma: “Nagmani (feat. Andre Barros)”

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Water as a miracle and mystery of life has always been the motto for a larger composition of First Breath After Coma. It now receives a visual identity, in a film produced and recorded by the band members themselves, who recently set up their own audiovisual production company: Casota Collective.

Between electronics and the dreamy and sophisticated ambience of First Breath After Coma, “Nagmani” is the result of a partnership with composer and pianist André Barros, which makes Drifter’s journey even more epic.

One of the most beautiful videos we have ever had the pleasure of presenting here.

Tundra Fault: “Exhaustion”

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Tundra Fault is an electronic and techno project by portuguese artist Miguel De. Born in the small town of Ovar, Miguel De found inspiration for his music while working in London, UK and there he started experimenting with sounds. Some months later, now back in Portugal, he released his first work, “Whole“, the result of experiments, influences and an unique identity.

In the “Exhaustion” video, as well as other visual productions of the project, the relations are translated by graphic metaphors. The growth of love culminates in the fungal explosion, at a climax represented by atomic explosions.

LINCE: “Call me Home”

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After being part of the We Trust and There Must Be A Place, Sofia Ribeiro gave herself to the individual creation. From this process of individuation Lince was born. Lince is Sofia, synthesizers, piano, voices…

Call Me Home“, according to her, “is a debate between wanting to be discovered and deconstructed and trying to bring me to the reason I reject.”

The Glockenwise: “Bardamu Girls”

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For those who don’t know, Barcelos is a small city in size and immense in musical variety.
Glockenwise, with its revivalist sound of English punk of ’77, are part of this ecosystem. Joining dirty, shabby sound to radio melodies, and great songs like “Bardamu Girls” will be ready to serve.

Tundra Fault: “Voyage”

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Miguel De, native of Ovar, is a signature behind Tundra Fault and presents in a long-lasting format with “Whole“, a disc composed of eight tracks around sonorities like techno in its experimental aspect. And here begins the reasons why we should, in fact, listen to Tundra Fault. The first one is “Voyage“, the fifth track of “Whole” and one of the best of this work.

The second reason lies in the cover art of the album, is there anything more incredible than the photograph of the male human body in a loop forming a kind of bone on a black background? But the most amazing is that since other perspective easily looks like a square flattened in 3D, it’s wonderful how a simple cover can convey different interpretations. The third motif comes from his influences on various electronic music artists, including The Field, Machinedrum, SHXCXCHCXSH, Conforce, Porter Ricks, Jon Hopkins and Throwing Snow. The entire album itself results in a fourth reason for being born of a willingness to talk about sexuality and the way bodies relate by touch.

“Whole” ends up becoming an exploration of interpersonal relationships in which the person does not exist, but only the body, a body without head, without identity; And finally, the search for that same identity. Tundra Fault presents, in Whole, an aggressive and black sonority, trying to reach the faint line that separates the pleasant from the nefarious in this type of relations.