Mazgani: “The Traveler”

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The Traveler” is the new single from Mazgani. The theme, whose video clip we present here today, anticipates the musician’s next album of originals, which was produced in conjunction with Peixe and will arrive in stores in September.

After “Lifeboat“, the album released in 2015 in which he brought us his personal version of themes from Chavela Vargas, Elvis Presley, PJ Harvey or Leonard Cohen, it is with “The Traveler” that Mazgani returns to writing his own songs. “I think the song speaks of what is not and what can not be. Perhaps it is the story of a traveler who is heading for a land that is moving away, “describes the Portuguese-Iranian. A trip to follow closely.

Serushio: “Bad News (I Don’t Need You)”

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Seru (Sergio Silva) and José Vieira are back. The duo from Porto has a new album and a presentation single. “Groove Lee” is his name, was recently edited, and “Bad News” the single that unlocks the album for the public.

In addition to Seru and José Vieira, the video we presented today featured the collaboration of Fred (Drums), Ricardo Riquiet (Backing Vocals) and Zé Nando Pimenta (Bass).

Trêsporcento: “Tempos Modernos”

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Território Desconhecido” is the third album of Trêsporcento, was recently edited by the label of Azáfama and Blitz Records. The album, recorded between June 2016 and January 2017, also marks the collaboration between the band and Flak (Radio Macau, Micro Audio Waves), which produced and recorded this new work at Olival Studio.

After the release of “Sonho“, the first single released to know his new album of originals, “Tempos Modernos” is the video we present today, a theme filled with social concerns, in particular, oil and natural gas exploration offshore Of the Portuguese coast.

According to the band, “Tempos Modernos was born from a guitar structure taken to the rehearsal by António (drummer of the band). After that it was letting Flak do the magic.”

Indian Rubber: “Dazed”

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The first sample of the band’s potential came in February 2016 with the release of “Ilusions“, the debut single. We waited until March to listen to the band’s second single, “Afterwards,” and the first Indian Rubber EP, “Le Voyage,” was digitally edited that month.

Dazed” is a theme that deepens new landscapes in the palette of alternative and psychedelic rock with which the quintet coming from Porto, steeped in influences from contemporary international bands like Pond, Real Estate or Deerhunter.

The song arrives with a video shot in the city of Hong Kong that shows the nightlife of one of the most bustling cosmopolitan centers in the universe.

The Weatherman: “Oh Cat”

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A decade-long career – culminating last year with the release of their fourth album of originals -, The Weatherman returns with a new single entitled “Oh Cat.” The video clip, presented here, was made by Vasco Mendes.

The theme marks, according to the artist, a renewed foray into his sonority: a dancing psychedelic. “Oh Cat” is an anthem that illuminates the mournful souls who during spring dream of the perfect summer. A kind of “Good Vibrations” of the 21st century.

Paraguaii: “Straight or Gay”

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Straight or Gay” is the lead single from Paraguaii‘s second album, “Dream About The Things You Never Do“.

The music video, produced by Elephante MUSIK & Estudio Lobo Mau, invites us to a trip that calls for freedom of choices and ways of being and doing. The theme introduces the new phase of Guimarães band, marked by the search for sounds that awaken the body to dance without, however, escaping the tropical environment to which Paraguaii has accustomed us. In this video, Shantal de Cuba gives life to the dilution of borders of the pluralities that compose us.

“Dream About The Things You Never Do” was released on March 31 and was the most pop record of the collective, following the previous eponymous EP (2015) and Scope (2016). There are eight themes that permeate between the most danceable universes of electronic music, born or debtor of the 80’s, and the genetics of rock.

Bike: “Do Caos ao Cosmos”

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With “A Montanha Mágica” and “O Enigma dos Doze Sapos” it is already possible to have a good idea of the material produced by the members of the São Paulo band BIKE for their second album of the career. Titled “Em Busca da Viagem Eterna“, the successor of 1943, reveals the pursuit of a delirious and ethereal sound, as a cosmic extension of sound explored just over two years ago.

In “Do Caos Ao Cosmos”, an even more complex and crazy sound. Inaugurated by the force of guitars and harsh voices, the song slowly becomes an act of pure lysergia and liberation. A comforting, almost spiritual sound, a concept that dialogues explicitly with the clip produced by the duo Matias Borgström and Rodrigo Notari. The relationship of closeness between man and nature from meditation ritual.

Mirror People: “Crime Scene”

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On March 31, Mirror People (parallel project of Rui Maia of the Porto-based X-Wife) edited their second long-term work, Bring the Light, successor of Voyager released in 2015.

Composed and recorded during the past year, the new work is described by Rui Maia as being “more urban, personal and different from the previous one. In this disc I wanted to approach a more synthetic and strong sound that refers to the more alternative side of the 80’s, without losing the pop sense of the songs. ”

In collaboration with vocalist Jonny Abbey, who also signs the mix, Rui Maia invokes the influence of Stephen King‘s films, the new wave of Human League and Soft Cell, the beginnings of hip hop, the latest synthetic pop of Hot Chip or Prince‘s Minneapolis sound as some of the references to this new work.

In the author’s own words: “In Bring The Light he wanted to go back to the past and portray the future as he was seen at the time. I speak precisely of the 1980s when technology was quite limited and the vision of the future was much more advanced than it is today. The instruments chosen to compose this album were based on this point. The absence of acoustic drums and the use of several synthesizers of the time, were a priority against the vision and solidification of the sonority for this second chapter of Mirror People.

The video of “Crime Scene” was produced by Vasco Mendes, shot in the city of Porto and traces a caricature episode in the life of a detective.

Cassete Pirata: “Pó no Pé”

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After debuting with the theme “Outra Vez” in October of last year, Cassete Pirata bring to light their second single, “Pó no Pé”, and the respective video, by Ricardo Oliveira.

The band represents the lack of commitment of anyone who can put a pop song between the guitar solos of João Firmino, João Pinheiro’s demolishing and sweaty beat, António Quintino’s firm hand on bass and the choirs of the only pair of singers and keyboard players in Portugal: Margarida Campelo and Joana Espadinha.
The lyricism of the melodies and the psychedelic sound of the keyboards come, of course, from a fusion of Supertramp and Melody’s Echo Chamber with Coltrane and Milton Nascimento albums, with rock inspiration coming directly from a youth that they repressed during the study of too complicated harmonies of Jazz .

Jonathan Tadeu: “Fantasmas”

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A little less than a year after the release of Queda Livre, Minas Gerais singer and songwriter Jonathan Tadeu is back with a new album of unreleased tracks, titled Filho do Meio (2017). The single Fantasmas was the composition chosen to announce the new record.

The production was divided between Tadeu and the musician João Carvalho (Sentidor, El Toro Fuerte and Rio No Name). Fantasmas enchants by the lightness of the arrangements, noises and electronic sounds that delicately spread to the bottom of the composition. A precious music lament that goes beyond the limits of “sad rock” to flirt with post rock and concepts originally tested by artists like Sparklehorse and The Postal Service. The song still arrives accompanied by a clip directed by the photographer and videomaker Flávio Charchar.