Sara Lawrence: “Tar Road”

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Coming from the city of Quarteira and having Australian influences, Sara Lawrence comes to us with her unique sonority and expressive language, always composing and singing her reality.
It mixes the roots of Folk, the sound of the Indie and the alternative essence with the Pop language to bring the most real and honest to the music of today.

Rodrigo Leão & Scott Matthew: “Abandoned”

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After the success of their first full-length album, “Life Is Long” (2016), Rodrigo Leão and Scott Matthew are back together for a new single, “Abandoned“, an unreleased track that came out of this collaboration between the two musicians.

This unprecedented theme is also the culmination of an incredible partnership that began in 2011 when the Australian Scott Matthew, invited by the Portuguese composer, gave voice to the theme “Terrible Dawn” included in the album “A Montanha Mágica” (The Magic Mountain).

Oioai: “Ela Melhora”

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Life doen’t make sense, but if isn’t good, it improves. That is why the Oioai are back.

Ela Melhora“, the breakthrough theme for the “full-length rock’n’roll” album that will be released in October, revolves around the meaning of life and has a music video made by the band itself with their parents and their children.

Trêsporcento: “A Ciência”

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After the release of the singles “O Sonho” (The Dream) and “Tempos Modernos” (Modern Times), comes “A Ciência” (Science), one of the most organic themes of “Território Desconhecido” (Unknown Territory).

Directed by Francisco B. Froes, the music video consists essentially of images from the concert’s day of presentation of the third long-duration of the Trêsporcento at the Estúdio Time Out in Lisbon.

S. Pedro: “Quim”

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Quim” is the debut single from “O Fim” (The End), the debut album by S. Pedro, the project of Pedro Pode, former member of Doismileoito.

This single is a perfect example of S. Pedro’s lyrical talent and composition. A story about dream and personal fulfillment, and about the right to be happy. Soundtrack of a life … To which we can add another hand full of beautiful songs that tell us about love, friendship and life.
Songs in which we recognize ourselves, with intelligent lyrics that go beyond the foam of days and verses that are resounding. Round metric, classic cut and amateur pop where one searches for the essentials.

“The End” is an artisanal record, made with time, care, attention to detail and a lot of affection. A set of remarkable and delicate songs, with stories and people inside, with a sense of humor, irony and critical mass.

Língua Franca: “Ideal”

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Today we present the song “Ideal” from the “Língua Franca” project, along with Rael, Emicida, Capicua and Valete.

The video shows several people, including some in senior citizens, dancing in a huge hall. It was directed by Gabi Jacob, who already worked with the king of rhyme in the clip “Mandume“. The track is featured on the group’s new album, and bears the name of the project.

ABRONCA: “Chegando de Assalto”

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Originally released in January of this year, “Chegando de Assalto” (Coming of Assault) is born as a creative breakthrough point within the short trajectory of the Pearls Negras. Presented to the public in mid-2014, the group formed by Slick, Jay and Mari decided to take on new identity after a series of presentations in Europe and a fast period of hiatus. Under the title of ABRONCA, the trio, in partnership with the producers Leo Justi and Allan Felix, gave life to the first single of this new phase.

Now transformed into a clip, a song that was already intense gains a new load with a production of the video directed by Uriel Calomeni. Descending like stairways of the hill, the trio triggers a sequence of rhymes and impromptu steps, culminating in a presentation surrounded by friends and close associates. The work is distributed by the label Heavy Baile Sounds, collective responsible for the release of the excellent Bandida (2016), MC Carol‘s last album.

Storm & the Sun: “Breathe Me”

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Breathe Me” is part of the debut EP of the duo Sara Badalo and Pedro Matos, which will include songs that are sensitive and striking in their essence, such as the scenario that the name Storm & the Sun leaves. The video, the first of a trilogy, was directed by Bruno Mira, better known as The Fellow Man. Intimate and extremely intense in all his emotional load, he feels the passion, the words hurt, and he conquers the love. A simple and cinematic vision about the couple, about the genesis of their music and about what it represents when it touches and sings with the heart.

Duquesa: “Better Men”

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From “Norte Litoral“, whose notorious feature pushes sweet memories to the songbook of Duquesa, for the golden years of glamorous pop: the new music video of the solo project of Nuno Rodrigues focuses his attention on the single “Better Men” and sucks inspiration to platinum and to glitter, in an ode in two expressions to the era – the 80s – that more catalyzes the creative vein of Nuno.

Shot at the Estúdio Plata in Oporto, Ana Rita Sousa‘s art direction was conducted by Miguel Filgueiras, author of Alto do Minho and director of the previous Duquesa video, and of course the bad-acting of Nuno Rodrigues present in this masterpiece.