Ventre: “Peso do Corpo”

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With almost six minutes in duration, “Peso do Corpo” (Body Weight) is the first clip of the band Ventre, after a couple of videos with live music.
Following the proposal of the song: a narrative about an obsession as theme through suggestive images and very interesting plans, under the direction of Philippe Noguchi.
In the middle of the scenes, the musicians appear as if they were entities of another dimension that accompany the protagonist in their motivations. So in the video, there is an almost surreal problem, with a remarkable rhythm for the music.

azul-revolto: “PACT FROM BELOW”

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The Lisbon producer Hugo Barão is back to music with his azul-revolto. “LIVID” is its third EP and was edited by London-based Algebra. The successor to EP “SOMA” points to a more industrial sound, always with eyes on the dance floor, where the sonic Arca world and the dark, urban streets of Burial meet the ruined metropolis of Blade Runner.

According to João Pedro Fonseca, director of the video, ” “Pact From Below” is on the border between the interior and the exterior where the body really gives itself. Layer after layer, as we get to know it, the more it has the tendency to fragment. They are the lights, the strobes, the colors and the shadows that give “skin” to the fragments of a screen that we think is empty. There is a need for a constant self-knowledge that each outdated frontier complicates the subject making us question what belongs to whom. It is a dark and dense but never visceral environment because the body here is a mere tool, an object thrown over the emptiness to remind us that there is no journey – be it interior or exterior – without return.”

Vaiapraia e as Rainhas do Baile: “Snifa Cola / Kate Winslet”

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Vaiapraia e As Rainhas do Baile releases a double video clip of the themes ‘Snifa Cola‘ and ‘Kate Winslet‘. Both of his first album “1755” produced by Rui Antunes, and edited by the Spring Toast Records label.

This double video was made by André Marques, produced by Cinema Bocage, MATERNIDADE and Spring Toast Records and has the participation of Rodrigo Vaiapraia, Shelley Barradas, Lucia Vives, Claudio Filipe Vieira and Jorge Dias.

Bratislava: “Yorick”

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The “Yorick” video, a song that Bratislava released in his “Um Pouco Mais de Silêncio” (2015), shows warm colors and overlaps that fill the screen. In it, the band Bratislava plays the track for the camera under the direction of Lucci Antunes.
Simple thing, the four in the studio, letting the verses speak louder.

According to the band, “Yorick is a character in Shakespeare‘s HAMLET. In fact, it is that skull that Hamlet holds in one of the key parts of the play, a famous scene that is already widely reproduced in paintings, drawings and films. In the dialogue, Hamlet wanders over the ephemeral character of life, recalling the days when the court jester was still alive. “

Isaura: “8”

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The Portuguese singer and songwriter Isaura presented the new single called “8“. The video has the participation of the Portuguese actor Adriano Carvalho and can be seen here on VideoPick.

“8” is a song built just the way the singer has accustomed us.. Evolved pop, with emotional lyrics… The production was in charge of Ben Monteiro.

Isaura was one of the revelations of Portuguese music in 2015. In just one year, she sold out concerts nationwide on the tour with Francis Dale, he performed at the BBC in London and saw the theme “Change It” arrive at TOP on several Portuguese radio stations.

Bratislava: “Vermelho”

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Vermelho” was the prophetic single of “Um Pouco Mais de Silêncio“, an album released by Bratislava in 2015.
According to Victor Meira, the lead singer of the band: “What surprised everyone here in the band was the prophetic character of the lyrics. We had already been working on this material, but last Friday (April 11, 2014) I saw a news about the ‘blood moon’ It is a phenomenon that occurs from so many years, when there is a specific alignment of the stars, and the moon appears red in the sky. I wrote the lyrics after a dream I had in January. The coincidence left the whole band perplexed.”

Ditch Days: “Zowee”

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Zowee” is the third single taken from the Ditch Days debut album. “Liquid Springs” was released in September 2016. From that album have already been released as singles “Melbourne“, the debut video, and “Blue Chords“.

“Zowee” is the theme that most reflects the youthful rebellion inherent in the Ditch Days. The video establishes the relationship between freedom from chaos and the imprisonment of everyday life. We all have two paths that we can tread. Which do we choose?

Madrepaz: “Novas Pontes”

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The song goes by the name of “Novas Pontes” and is part of the “Panoramix” album, released in early 2017.

Madrepaz are composed by Nuno Canina and Pedro da Rosa (who belonged to Os Golpes), Ricardo Amaral (Bizou Collective) and João Barreiros (Muri Muri).

“Novas Pontes” is revealed with a video that wanders between the watershed in Ribatejo and the celestial mandalas.

Iara Rennó: “Ritmo da Moçada”

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The São Paulo artist Iara Rennó launches the clip of “Ritmo da Moçada“.

Track of the album “Flecha” (YB Musica e Selo Circus, 2016), recorded during the participation of the singer in the allegorical car from Rio de Janeiro’ CarnivalViemos do Egyto” in 2014. With music production by Curumin, execution and arrangements by Mauricio Fleury, Gustavo Pelo, Lucas Martins, Mauricio Bade and Douglas Antunes, the clip counted on the direction of also singer, songwriter and filmmaker Ava Rocha.

Fleeting Circus: “Disconnection”

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Fleeting Circus‘s musicians appeared on the national scene with a distinctive sound, influences that combined indie rock and circus art. After six years of road, EP, album and documentary released, the band is preparing for another big step: the release of their second album, which marks the beginning of a new sound. Proof of this change is the “Disconnection” clip, which is also the first single from the upcoming work. The relaxed atmosphere reveals a self-confident band that is not limited to labels.

The song “Disconnection” brings a letter that evokes the disconnection between body and mind, while the melody passes an unpretentious vibration. Guitarist Felipe Vianna says the idea for the clip came naturally, fitting in with the song: “The most important thing was to have fun and do something simple and straightforward that would better represent the new phase that the band is in. We wanted something that unites the simplicity of the song, with the inconsistency in the lyrics and title of the track, “he explains.

Marco Aurélio Abreu directed the video, who also worked in the video of “Underground“. The clip also features the participation of Patrick Laplan, who produced the new album and recorded the drums. The recording lasted a day and was held in the band’s own studio, the Fleeting Cave.

Fleeting Circus is formed by the musicians Taynã Frota, Rodrigo Seven and Lucas Faria, besides Felipe Vianna. They emerged in the independent scene with the EP ‘Dream World Of Magic‘ (2011), which led the group to participate in the soundtrack of the novel “Guerra dos Sexos” and the program “Divertics“, both of TV Globo. In 2014 they released the self-titled album, which was mixed by Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Faith No More) and mastered by Jonathan Wyner (David Bowie, Nirvana). In 2015, the documentary “Brooklyn Days“, which talks about the tour of the band in the USA was released, and currently, the musicians continue in the post-production of the next disc.