First Breath After Coma: “Umbrae”

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When they recorded a debut album in 2013 they were far from thinking that tracks like “Escape“, “Shoes For Men With No Feet” or “Apnea” could reach international radio stations and take them on an extended tour.

The crossroads of post-rock influence with the song format that made his record an auspicious surprise was just the beginning of a journey that now has a second chapter. They recorded sounds of almost everything around them, lost themselves in the discographies of the evolution of rock and electronic music and the result is “Drifter“. This album carries the DNA of the First Breath After Coma but points out even more paths to the present and to the Future of this young formation from Leiria.

Umbrae” is the new video and it is another strong theme of the album “Drifter”. The music has the special participation of Noiserv. The Video was realized by Omnichord Records, with edition of Rui Gaspar and Telmo Soares. Rui Paixão with his project “Cão à Chuva” was responsible for the “performance” of the video

Cave Story: “Trying Not to Try”

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Cave Story does not stop feeding certainties and the new one comes in the form of a new video. “Trying not to Try” is the new single from the band trio, taken from the same “West” that established the band’s position as a national post-punk standard-bearer.

“Trying not to Try” continues the narrative of the band, packing their melodies in low rhythmic and corpulent cadences. Following the line of “Body of Work” – which in the same language presented us with a fixed plan on the Parthenon of Athens where the dream “West” of the Cave Story began -, this video presents us the cohabitation with the landscape and with everything in it, bringing movement to the static.

El Rupe: “Tropical Geometry”

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The Portuguese El Rupe have just revealed how the new “Suite 3, 14” can be traced through its new single “Tropical Geometry“, theme and video that start a “sound trip” through a universe in which nature and technology live hand in hand.

Mike El Nite: “Santa Maria”

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Behold, in the middle of “O Justiceiro” comes a sample of “Eu Sei, Tu És” by Santamaria … Nite’s father is a pimba singer, and for that very reason, this universe belongs to him.

“At the age of eight, I was very happy with the Santamaria. After many years it is curious that in parties that I do with my group of friends the song “Eu Sei, Tu És” always appears. It’s something that has been following me and I thought I had to use it in a beat. When we were doing the mesh we realized that the sampling was too explicit, at the copyrights level this was going to give a movie, so I contacted them directly, I talked to them and they loved the song. We are still dealing with the bureaucratic part but I’m glad they liked it. “

Gabriela Garrido: “Como Sempre”

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Gabriela Garrido is a young singer from Rio de Janeiro, 21 years old, who started writing her own songs at 16, and today she dedicates herself to solo career. Last year Gabriela released her debut EP, “Mergulho”, with a mix of Pop Rock and MPB.

Recently the singer released a music video for “Como Sempre“, one of the tracks of this album, and showed in a short video scenes of a trip with friends, where each one had the function of filming a little to compose the clip with remarkable moments.

Tagore: “Mudo”

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We present today the first revealed track of “Pineal“, second Tagore album. “Mudo” has psychedelic airs, vibrant colors and neon touches. A turntable gains prominence in the passages, denoting the retro atmosphere of production, in which Tagore’s accent remains.

With special colaborations such as Benke Ferraz and Fernando Almeida Filho, from the band Boogarins, Pineal is a very different work than was “Movido A Vapor“, released in 2014 independently.

“In Pineal, inspired by the gland we have in the center of the brain, the lyrics explore sociopolitical criticisms, everyday points of view, always through the prism of a sensitive figure,” explains Tagore.

The album compiles 12 tracks recorded in a home studio in Recife, in six months of production. “Theoretically, this gland would be responsible for all our extrasensory connections, or ‘mediums.’ I decided to honor this organ, which in many cultures was represented as our Third Eye,” says Tagore.

Sky Down: “Kindness”

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The clip of “Kindness” was filmed and edited by Allan Carvalho and shows images of a show that took place in  74Club in Santo André.

In a recent interview, guitar and vocalist Caio Felipe explained that the song has a letter from a more feminist point of view and talks about how man always tries to shape the woman according to his wishes and opinions. “It’s a theme that a lot of bands does not take seriously, others pretend that these things do not happen,” says Caio.

Peartree: “Gonna Get Tired”

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The clip of “Gonna Get Tired” has come to close the cycle of EP Intro, by Peartree. The production brings an atmosphere inspired by sci-fi, with dark colors, neon lights, strange shapes and mirrored images.

Guillermo Santos directed the video.

Paula Cavalciuk: “O Poderoso Café”

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The relationship between cinema, literature and music is very present in “Morte & Vida“, debut album by Paula Cavalciuk. In the clip of “O Poderoso Café” cinema meets real life. Relations between the music, The Godfather, street carnival, Argentine tango, Bollywood choreographies and lots of color.

In an interview for Noisey Paula says that her family used to always gather around the table for breakfast but adulthood made it difficult to have this habit. The relationship she drew between her family and Marlon Brando passes through the cafe. “I think Marlon Brando must have been an extremely absent person, especially during the recordings of The Godfather. I mixed them both and then I was ready a little coffee with the bitter of solitude, which mixed fiction with real life. ”

The script was written by Paula Cavalciuk, Daniel Bruson (who also directs and makes the post-production of the clip), Vinícius Vidal (signs production and camera assistance) and Felipe Botti Vidal (signs the direction of photography and editing and post-production).

Curumin: “Boca de Groselha”

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Five years after the release of “Arrocha“, Brazilian singer, songwriter and producer Curumin is back with a new album of unreleased songs. His work includes the presence of the musician Russo Passapusso, the rapper Rico Dalasam, and the band’s partners Lucas Martins, Marcelo Maita and Zé Nigro.

Boca de Groselha” follows the electronic track of the last record, colliding formulas and genres, from soul to reggae. In verses, good-humored taunts on anyone who loves to talk bullshit, on or off the internet. A collage of ideas that grows in the psychedelic color of Ava Rocha, an artist invited to produce the art of work.