Can Cun: “Claire Witch”

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After the debut in 2016, with the EP “Thin Ice Dance Floor“, CAN CUN arrive to 2017 with news. While the remaining compositions of a coming first long-duration are gaining body in studio, “Claire Witch” anticipates a clear evolution in the sound of the trio of Vila Real: with a well defined melodic line, supported by a dreamy harmony, Bruno André Azevedo, Bruno Coelho and Jorge Simões once again show the delicacy of their dream pop, assuming in their songs a changing and unpredictable nature.

Throughout the verses of this new single, recorded at AMP Studio in Viana do Castelo, and produced by Paulo Miranda, we feel the levitation in an orbit that subtly recalls us to imagined populated by a certain psychedelic nostalgia. While the new work does not see the light of day, we continue to travel in this crystal ball, hypnotized by the CAN CUN’s magic synthesizers and the video signed by José Paulo Santos, with Carla Guerra, Hugo Vilela, Inês César, Marta Fernandes and Raquel Azevedo.

Les Crazy Coconuts: “Sailormoon”

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Sailormoon” is stored in the selective memory of who composed it and who heard it. He usually closes the concerts of Les Crazy Coconuts and leaves a chorus to echo.

It was this strong connection of the theme to the concerts that led the band to invite Tiago Iúri to record the music video that we are showing today, all the steps of some shows, from the arrangement of the van to the return home, through sound rehearsals, waiting times, stage times … Cem Soldos, with Bons Sons, and Guimarães, with Suave Fest, are the main scenarios in which the pleasure and work that a day of concert offers.

“Sailormoon” is part of Omnichord Records‘ five-vinyl limited edition commemorative box set released last April 22 for Record Store Day.


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VRUUMM is a project that goes through rhythms, colliding elements that go from reggae to jazz in an always inventive way. In partnership with producer Guilherme Kastrup, one of those responsible for the recent classic “A Mulher do Fim do Mundo” by Elza Soares, the collective presents the unprecedented RAGGAVRUUMM.

It is little more than five minutes in which all elements of the composition spread smoothly, detailing different textures, melodies and instrumental formulas. Driven by the juicy bass line and drums, each instrument in the track serves as a stimulus for a new chapter within the song, expressed versatility until the last moment. A misty sound, deliciously lysergic, like a decelerated version of the sound produced by the collective Bixiga 70.

Barro: “Ficamos Assim”

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With direction of Lorena Calabria and Mariana Zdravca, “Ficamos Assim” is the newest clip of the singer and composer from Pernambuco Filipe Barros.

The video presents a fragmented narrative, with images permeated by the solid and liquid matters described by the director. And it is in this mutant environment that the character of the musician Barro “wanders between dream and awakening, as the narrator of this surreal universe,” she explains.

The song is part of “Miocárdio“, has the production of Gui Amabis, and also counts on the participation of Dengue, bass player of the Nação Zumbi.

Ale Sater – Volte para Casa

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Of all the songs presented by Ale Sater in Japão, “Volte Pra Casa” is perhaps the one that best reflects the nostalgic essence and memories of the childhood that supply the record. Composed of muffled arrangements of guitars , Violins and dirty noises, Sater sings about the need to return, creating a subtle dialogue with other compositions of the disc.

This same theme of temporality ends up being reflected in the way black and white images dictate the song’s clip. As the passers-by follow their course, the character played by director Bruno Alves goes in the opposite direction, lonely. The video was produced by Muto, a collective responsible for the production of the recent “Falo“, a clip from the group Carne Doce, and the delicate “Criança“, part of the last studio album by Terno Rei, “Essa Noite Bateu Como Um Sonho“.

Holy Nothing: “Speed of Sound”

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Speed of Sound” is a time when the Holy Nothing dare to deconstruct bases to create new ground. A simultaneously introspective and frantic dancing ballad that transports us to an uncharted territoriality, it challenges the listener to a game of reference with the past and the present. But it’s all in this new single (and video), which announces the second album by the trio from Portugal: the groove marked from the bass lines, the freak environments dictated by the synthesizer and the voices that keep pounding the memory.

Mazgani: “The Traveler”

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The Traveler” is the new single from Mazgani. The theme, whose video clip we present here today, anticipates the musician’s next album of originals, which was produced in conjunction with Peixe and will arrive in stores in September.

After “Lifeboat“, the album released in 2015 in which he brought us his personal version of themes from Chavela Vargas, Elvis Presley, PJ Harvey or Leonard Cohen, it is with “The Traveler” that Mazgani returns to writing his own songs. “I think the song speaks of what is not and what can not be. Perhaps it is the story of a traveler who is heading for a land that is moving away, “describes the Portuguese-Iranian. A trip to follow closely.

Serushio: “Bad News (I Don’t Need You)”

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Seru (Sergio Silva) and José Vieira are back. The duo from Porto has a new album and a presentation single. “Groove Lee” is his name, was recently edited, and “Bad News” the single that unlocks the album for the public.

In addition to Seru and José Vieira, the video we presented today featured the collaboration of Fred (Drums), Ricardo Riquiet (Backing Vocals) and Zé Nando Pimenta (Bass).

Trêsporcento: “Tempos Modernos”

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Território Desconhecido” is the third album of Trêsporcento, was recently edited by the label of Azáfama and Blitz Records. The album, recorded between June 2016 and January 2017, also marks the collaboration between the band and Flak (Radio Macau, Micro Audio Waves), which produced and recorded this new work at Olival Studio.

After the release of “Sonho“, the first single released to know his new album of originals, “Tempos Modernos” is the video we present today, a theme filled with social concerns, in particular, oil and natural gas exploration offshore Of the Portuguese coast.

According to the band, “Tempos Modernos was born from a guitar structure taken to the rehearsal by António (drummer of the band). After that it was letting Flak do the magic.”

Indian Rubber: “Dazed”

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The first sample of the band’s potential came in February 2016 with the release of “Ilusions“, the debut single. We waited until March to listen to the band’s second single, “Afterwards,” and the first Indian Rubber EP, “Le Voyage,” was digitally edited that month.

Dazed” is a theme that deepens new landscapes in the palette of alternative and psychedelic rock with which the quintet coming from Porto, steeped in influences from contemporary international bands like Pond, Real Estate or Deerhunter.

The song arrives with a video shot in the city of Hong Kong that shows the nightlife of one of the most bustling cosmopolitan centers in the universe.