Castilho: “Come Back”

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Pedro Castilho, a member of Savanna, recently launched himself in the romantic songbook universe with the solo project Castilho. Also released by Pontiaq. “Come Back“, the first song written by Castilho, already has a video clip.

Sunking: “Para Um Anormal”

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Pouco Original“, the first of the three works to be released over the next few months, represents the statement of Luis José Tojo (keyboardist in Chinaskee & os Camponeses) as frontman on his own terms, relying on simple pop songs and beautiful choruses , clinging to the microphone.

Simplicity also reflected in the first video clip of the project.

Rosemary Baby: “Dangerous Imagination”

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It’s the things of life and heart, the joys and sorrows of everyday life that lives the creativity of Bruno Rosmaninho, we continue to discover the latest album of the Rosemary Baby.

After “I Can’t Breathe“, the single that made known “Timeless” last March, “Dangerous Imagination” is the new single that takes us on a journey through the inspiration given by a night that only seems to bring problems without solution, in the his usual recording, in which he translates what goes into his soul through the crossing of rock n ‘roll and folk.

Dapunksportif: “Trouble”

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DAPUNKSPORTIF are preparing to release their fourth album of originals “Soundz of Squeeze’o’phrenia“.

Trouble“, the first track on the new album, tells us how to organize and manage our time and the consequences of unceasing pursuit of a dream.

The video of live footage was produced by Luis Rafa Matos and features sequences of live images, taken from a series of concerts of the band throughout the european summer of 2017.

Alice Caymmi: “Inocente”

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Three years after the release of the great Rainha dos Raios (Queen of Lightning), the singer and composer from Rio is back with a new record. Entitled Alice (2018), the work will be released in the beginning of next year. The production was signed by also singer-songwriter Barbara Ohana and should flirt with new sonorities.

Proof of this lies in the slow deconstruction of R&B that marks the album’s first single, “Inocente“. It’s a song signed by the singer Ana Carolina, however, subtly reassembled for the voice and electronic experiments of Caymmi. Cyclic voices that become the basis of the song, recalling an accessible version of Björk’s work, a musical reference to her.

Paraguaii: “Ancient Gurl”

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Ancient Gurl” is the second single for “Dream About The Things You Never Do“, the new album by Paraguaii, edited by BLITZ Records and Sony Music Entertainment in March of this year.

Through the vision of Pedro Bastos and the studio Bando à Parte, the video aims to challenge the energy circumscribed to the human being, proposing a dreamlike beauty that mixes with reality. Distinct and light-imbued ingredients merge with the history of Paraguaii, woven by contexts, stories and personal experiences that mark the unceasing pursuit of our place in the world.

Rashid: “Química”

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Rashid continues with the dissemination of fragments that make up the new work of unpublished career, “Em Construção” (2017). After tracks such as Primera Diss, Musashi, Se Tudo Der Errado Amanhã, Sem Sorte and the excellent Mal Com o Mundo, the São Paulo rapper indulges in love in the recently launched “Química“. An R&B dominated by the rhymes and small romantic confessions of the artist that extend from the first to the last verse.

It rhymes as the dense base of the composition spreads unhurriedly, revealing the beats. Just over three minutes in which the artist ends up transforming his own feelings in the main fuel for the formation of the verses.

Sara Lawrence: “Tar Road”

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Coming from the city of Quarteira and having Australian influences, Sara Lawrence comes to us with her unique sonority and expressive language, always composing and singing her reality.
It mixes the roots of Folk, the sound of the Indie and the alternative essence with the Pop language to bring the most real and honest to the music of today.

Rodrigo Leão & Scott Matthew: “Abandoned”

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After the success of their first full-length album, “Life Is Long” (2016), Rodrigo Leão and Scott Matthew are back together for a new single, “Abandoned“, an unreleased track that came out of this collaboration between the two musicians.

This unprecedented theme is also the culmination of an incredible partnership that began in 2011 when the Australian Scott Matthew, invited by the Portuguese composer, gave voice to the theme “Terrible Dawn” included in the album “A Montanha Mágica” (The Magic Mountain).

Oioai: “Ela Melhora”

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Life doen’t make sense, but if isn’t good, it improves. That is why the Oioai are back.

Ela Melhora“, the breakthrough theme for the “full-length rock’n’roll” album that will be released in October, revolves around the meaning of life and has a music video made by the band itself with their parents and their children.