VideoPick FM has an important mission to unveil the new independent musical scene of the Portuguese speaking countries on a daily schedule. An expansive coverage of rock, hip-hop, electronica, pop, metal and experimental music.

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Classic Years

A journey back in time to bring the greatest artists ever back to the radio waves. The classics of music gathered in a weekly playlist. Every Sunday, we return to the past on VideoPick FM.


The coolest sound experiences. Psychologically dense music throughout VideoPick FM’s night programming. The new directions of electronic and experimental music.

All night long on Shuffle, and the complete programs every Thursday at 10PM (São Paulo time) on VideoPick FM.



The next big thing on the Lusophone spectrum. Reviews of new music releases, the presentation of new albuns, the bands you cannot miss… The most innovative and refreshing music produced in the South Atlantic, commented and analyzed by VideoPick FM.

Monday to Friday, full programs on saturdays at 10PM (São Paulo time).

New Adds

Nafandus – Suncurse
The Doups – Joyful
Laura Zennet – Dentes do Destino
Lucas Santtana – Só O Som
Jonathan Tadeu – Deus Sempre Mata Os Saudosistas Primeiro
Oriente – Oriente-se (Feat. Criolo)
Barry White Gone Wrong – Always on the Road
Ventre – Quente
Fitacola – Sobreviver
Manel Cruz – Ainda Não Acabei
Rua Direira – Mariana
Marcelo Perdido – Primavera em Mim
Cinnamon Tapes – Sol
NBC – Dois
Tundra Fault – Of Yore (groundwork)
Jennifer Lo Fi – Troffea
Rashid – Se Tudo Der Errado
A Band Called Love – Noite Quente
The Sunflowers – Mountain
Nana – Copacabana