Rincon Sapiência: “Afro Rep”

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The rapper from São Paulo debuted a series of clips that portrayed the strength of the black people, and now completes this virtuous period with the release of Afro Rap.

Polished musically, as everything that artist has been producing in the last months, Afro Rep carries in the verses an evident feeling of conquest and reinforcement in the struggle for the marginalized groups. The song also arrives accompanied by a video clip directed by Rafael Jacinto and João Kehl.

Regards to William Waack

Planeta Tundra: “Vigantol”

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Planeta Tundra have released this their debut EP Vigantol with Munro Records. Composed of five tracks, the first single had an illustrated and directed edition on YouTube permeating the sensual content of the lyrics and rhythm.

We will be attentive for more.

Grandfather’s House: “You Got Nothing To Lose”

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Grandfather’s House is a band from Braga that emerged in 2012. With Tiago Sampaio on guitar, Rita Sampaio on synthesizers and vocals and João Costeira on drums, have until today more than 250 concerts given all over the country and internationally.

Currently they released their third album – “Diving” -, the result of an artistic residence, counting with the participation of Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, Nuno Gonçalves and Mário Afonso, in the voice, keyboards and saxophone, respectively. With a more complex composition method, which had the participation of one more element in all themes, the band explores, thus, a dense sonority.

“Diving” was released on September 15, 2017. The single “You Got Nothing to Lose” had its video clip produced by CASOTA Collective (Leiria).

Time For T: “Mary”

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Mary is a girl who wants to travel, but does not leave the same place. The music is a vehicle on a mantle of keyboards and solar guitars for endless travel that we don’t want to end up.

The video was recorded in the Algarve by Bony Ska, “a talented French friend who in recent years has traveled the world to capture the energy of the locals and the people who live there,” the band says.

Grandfather’s House: “Sorrow”

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Sorrow” is the second single from the new album of the GrandFather’s House, “Diving“, which features a music video by CASOTA Collective.

The protagonist (António Cova) finds himself trapped in a room, trapped within himself, in his own head, transporting anyone to this madness which the lyrics of the theme alludes.

Tomara: “For No Reason”

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For No Reason” is the second single for “Favorite Ghosts“, the album that Tomara, the project of Filipe C. Monteiro, edited this year. The music video was performed by Joana Linda.

According to Filipe, “For No Reason” was perhaps the most difficult song to end because I realized that I was addressing, in a very direct way, to the fear of taking a step that proved difficult and essential for me. Some fears persecute us, and as we age we try to fix them in a place where we think they will no longer torment us. Because we believe that the phase of the great changes has passed, it has remained behind, and that we can resign ourselves to it. But I don’t think that is possible. I believe that these ‘ghosts’ only become more present with the passage of time. For 2 or 3 years this song was just an instrumental where I got carried away by the energy of the guitar and the rhythm section. It had a different pulse from the other songs, more visceral to me. A mixture of anguish and hope. When I realized that I wanted to write and sing something about this sound landscape it was inevitable to have to write in a more direct and harder way. And this was a very time-consuming step, fraught with doubts and uncertainties, until he felt firm. I think the song, in part, explains why I’m releasing the first album solo at age 38. This time I did not want to take on the realization of the video clip, otherwise I would lock the meaning of the song in my own impressions about it. I trusted Joana Linda’s look to help me transpose it into images. And that’s precisely what she got. “

Monday: “Yo-Yo”

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Yo-yo“, Monday‘s introduction single, speaks of “the frustration of sometimes not knowing how to be in a relationship.” The theme will be part of the debut album of this new project of Cat Falcão (Golden Slumbers).

To accompany it, comes a colorful music video lined by special effects and cameos of the producer and guitarist Antonio Vasconcelos Days.

Teach Me Tiger: “Another’s Shoes”

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Even chosen as a closing song for Two Sides (2016), debut album by the duet Teach Me Tiger, Another’s Shoes is far from looking like a minor composition. By the way as the verses are worked almost instrumentally to the precious design of the arrangements and ethereal melodies that accompany the listener during all the execution of the track.

Another’s Shoes was the song chosen to become the newest clip of the duo led by Chris Martins and Yannick Falisse. As arrangements and voices spread unhurriedly, bumping into the same creative universe of artists as Chromatics and Beach House, black-and-white images transform the bodies of the actors into a substantial part of the record, a work that counts on the direction of the band members themselves.

Castilho: “Come Back”

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Pedro Castilho, a member of Savanna, recently launched himself in the romantic songbook universe with the solo project Castilho. Also released by Pontiaq. “Come Back“, the first song written by Castilho, already has a video clip.

Sunking: “Para Um Anormal”

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Pouco Original“, the first of the three works to be released over the next few months, represents the statement of Luis José Tojo (keyboardist in Chinaskee & os Camponeses) as frontman on his own terms, relying on simple pop songs and beautiful choruses , clinging to the microphone.

Simplicity also reflected in the first video clip of the project.