Rincon Sapiência: “Afro Rep”

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The rapper from São Paulo debuted a series of clips that portrayed the strength of the black people, and now completes this virtuous period with the release of Afro Rap.

Polished musically, as everything that artist has been producing in the last months, Afro Rep carries in the verses an evident feeling of conquest and reinforcement in the struggle for the marginalized groups. The song also arrives accompanied by a video clip directed by Rafael Jacinto and João Kehl.

Regards to William Waack

Iara Rennó: “Ritmo da Moçada”

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The São Paulo artist Iara Rennó launches the clip of “Ritmo da Moçada“.

Track of the album “Flecha” (YB Musica e Selo Circus, 2016), recorded during the participation of the singer in the allegorical car from Rio de Janeiro’ CarnivalViemos do Egyto” in 2014. With music production by Curumin, execution and arrangements by Mauricio Fleury, Gustavo Pelo, Lucas Martins, Mauricio Bade and Douglas Antunes, the clip counted on the direction of also singer, songwriter and filmmaker Ava Rocha.

Gabriela Garrido: “Como Sempre”

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Gabriela Garrido is a young singer from Rio de Janeiro, 21 years old, who started writing her own songs at 16, and today she dedicates herself to solo career. Last year Gabriela released her debut EP, “Mergulho”, with a mix of Pop Rock and MPB.

Recently the singer released a music video for “Como Sempre“, one of the tracks of this album, and showed in a short video scenes of a trip with friends, where each one had the function of filming a little to compose the clip with remarkable moments.

Peartree: “Gonna Get Tired”

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The clip of “Gonna Get Tired” has come to close the cycle of EP Intro, by Peartree. The production brings an atmosphere inspired by sci-fi, with dark colors, neon lights, strange shapes and mirrored images.

Guillermo Santos directed the video.

Paula Cavalciuk: “O Poderoso Café”

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The relationship between cinema, literature and music is very present in “Morte & Vida“, debut album by Paula Cavalciuk. In the clip of “O Poderoso Café” cinema meets real life. Relations between the music, The Godfather, street carnival, Argentine tango, Bollywood choreographies and lots of color.

In an interview for Noisey Paula says that her family used to always gather around the table for breakfast but adulthood made it difficult to have this habit. The relationship she drew between her family and Marlon Brando passes through the cafe. “I think Marlon Brando must have been an extremely absent person, especially during the recordings of The Godfather. I mixed them both and then I was ready a little coffee with the bitter of solitude, which mixed fiction with real life. ”

The script was written by Paula Cavalciuk, Daniel Bruson (who also directs and makes the post-production of the clip), Vinícius Vidal (signs production and camera assistance) and Felipe Botti Vidal (signs the direction of photography and editing and post-production).

Barro: “Ficamos Assim”

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With direction of Lorena Calabria and Mariana Zdravca, “Ficamos Assim” is the newest clip of the singer and composer from Pernambuco Filipe Barros.

The video presents a fragmented narrative, with images permeated by the solid and liquid matters described by the director. And it is in this mutant environment that the character of the musician Barro “wanders between dream and awakening, as the narrator of this surreal universe,” she explains.

The song is part of “Miocárdio“, has the production of Gui Amabis, and also counts on the participation of Dengue, bass player of the Nação Zumbi.

Ale Sater – Volte para Casa

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Of all the songs presented by Ale Sater in Japão, “Volte Pra Casa” is perhaps the one that best reflects the nostalgic essence and memories of the childhood that supply the record. Composed of muffled arrangements of guitars , Violins and dirty noises, Sater sings about the need to return, creating a subtle dialogue with other compositions of the disc.

This same theme of temporality ends up being reflected in the way black and white images dictate the song’s clip. As the passers-by follow their course, the character played by director Bruno Alves goes in the opposite direction, lonely. The video was produced by Muto, a collective responsible for the production of the recent “Falo“, a clip from the group Carne Doce, and the delicate “Criança“, part of the last studio album by Terno Rei, “Essa Noite Bateu Como Um Sonho“.