Sky Down: “Kindness”

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The clip of “Kindness” was filmed and edited by Allan Carvalho and shows images of a show that took place in  74Club in Santo André.

In a recent interview, guitar and vocalist Caio Felipe explained that the song has a letter from a more feminist point of view and talks about how man always tries to shape the woman according to his wishes and opinions. “It’s a theme that a lot of bands does not take seriously, others pretend that these things do not happen,” says Caio.

Curumin: “Boca de Groselha”

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Five years after the release of “Arrocha“, Brazilian singer, songwriter and producer Curumin is back with a new album of unreleased songs. His work includes the presence of the musician Russo Passapusso, the rapper Rico Dalasam, and the band’s partners Lucas Martins, Marcelo Maita and Zé Nigro.

Boca de Groselha” follows the electronic track of the last record, colliding formulas and genres, from soul to reggae. In verses, good-humored taunts on anyone who loves to talk bullshit, on or off the internet. A collage of ideas that grows in the psychedelic color of Ava Rocha, an artist invited to produce the art of work.


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VRUUMM is a project that goes through rhythms, colliding elements that go from reggae to jazz in an always inventive way. In partnership with producer Guilherme Kastrup, one of those responsible for the recent classic “A Mulher do Fim do Mundo” by Elza Soares, the collective presents the unprecedented RAGGAVRUUMM.

It is little more than five minutes in which all elements of the composition spread smoothly, detailing different textures, melodies and instrumental formulas. Driven by the juicy bass line and drums, each instrument in the track serves as a stimulus for a new chapter within the song, expressed versatility until the last moment. A misty sound, deliciously lysergic, like a decelerated version of the sound produced by the collective Bixiga 70.

Bike: “Do Caos ao Cosmos”

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With “A Montanha Mágica” and “O Enigma dos Doze Sapos” it is already possible to have a good idea of the material produced by the members of the São Paulo band BIKE for their second album of the career. Titled “Em Busca da Viagem Eterna“, the successor of 1943, reveals the pursuit of a delirious and ethereal sound, as a cosmic extension of sound explored just over two years ago.

In “Do Caos Ao Cosmos”, an even more complex and crazy sound. Inaugurated by the force of guitars and harsh voices, the song slowly becomes an act of pure lysergia and liberation. A comforting, almost spiritual sound, a concept that dialogues explicitly with the clip produced by the duo Matias Borgström and Rodrigo Notari. The relationship of closeness between man and nature from meditation ritual.

Alternadores: “Glitched Gamelevel”

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After two EPs – “Beta” (2014) and “Malverde” (2015) -, the band Alternadores announces the arrival of a new record. This is “Wanderlust“, a selection of four tracks, in which the partners Carlos Eduardo Batista (Bidu), Igor Gadelha (Pepeu Guzman) and Gustavo Pozzobon continue to play with the same electronic experimentalism of the first records.

Glitched Gamelevel naturally synthesizes part of the sound produced by the trio of João Pessoa. Electronic beats, crazy synthesizers and small breaks that provoke the listener’s hearing throughout the band’s formation. A psychedelic synth-rock that seems to come from some New York nightclub. For the song’s clip, a partnership between Leandro Luna and Gustavo Pozzobon, abstract shapes, lights and 3-D elements that dance in a space dominated by colors.

O Hearts: “I See You”

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Last year, Adriano Cintra (ex-CSS), Rio singer Bárbara Ohana and the producer Pedro Lima (Pedrowl) from São Paulo joined forces to form a new collaborative project. The result of this partnership is in the refreshing pop of Be No More, first record of the trio under the title of O’Hearts. A few months after that release, the band is back with another creation: I See You.

As part of the soundtrack to a fashion show in New York, the new track follows the trail of material presented by the group. A solution of carefully crafted beats and verses. The difference is in the “Brazilian” spices that marks the present composition. Beats influenced by the funk carioca without necessarily diverting from the sound originally produced by O’Hearts.