Fióti: “Pitada de Amor”

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In July 2016, Fióti starred in the release of his first EP as a musician, “Gente Bonita” (beautiful people), a samba / mpb album, with the participation of names like Juçara Marçal and Thiago França. The clip for “Pitada de Amor” (Pinch of love) is a samba-rock produced by Curumim.

In the video, that counted with participation of Lellezinha (of the Dream Team do Passinho). Fióti portrays a waiter who can not be noticed by his beloved and, according to the musician, “is the translation of several real things that a timid person, like me, faces in an unrequited love.”
The clip was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in the favela Tavares Bastos, the same place where “Beautiful” by Snoop Dogg and Pharrel Willians was recorded) and was directed by Henrique Alqualo.

mannequin trees: “daydream”

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Icaro Reis, a member of the Sergipe band Sarina, recently released the first song of his solo project – Mannequin Trees. According to the musician, the lyrics of the music “Daydream” were based on their daily life and tells the story of two girls.

The mixing, mastering and editing were performed by Icaro Reis himself. According to him, “Daydream” was the first song performed for his project. The song came out after the rhythm stayed in his head. Then he recorded the bass line and sent it to his brother and a friend.

Icaro has launched the project through a series of videos recorded live on Cavalo Estúdio in São Paulo and brings a lo-fi aesthetic. The direction of the videos was in charge by Azevedo Lobo.

For the sessions, Icaro, who is responsible for the voice and guitar, had Gabriel Olivieri (O Grande Babaca) on guitar and voice; Teago Oliveira (Maglore) on bass and vocals, Leon Perez on synthesizers and Marco Trintinalha on drums.

Baleia: “Volta”

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It is always tricky to put yourself in perspective and contemplate a whole period of change in life when you are going through it. The lyrical-self in “Volta” (comeback) seems to be in this moment, to understand causes and consequences with verbs in the past and future to explain its present condition, the change itself.

The music video, directed by Kayhan Lannes Ozmen and Vicente Tigre, features actor Igor Angelkorte as the character who, in the midst of his journey through unknown territory, has the chance to witness in the third person a ritual that surrounds himself with sound and the presence of the sextet “Baleia“.
With an art direction that takes on the theatrical tone present on the album, the camera seeks the frontality of the action as if it were also spectator of that narrative.

The spectacular tone, especially in the visual, remains unchanged. The clip serves as a preview of the “Atlas” album release.

“Volta” is a highly percussive song, marked by the strong interplay between drums, bass and guitar, which form a base as crooked as it is propulsive – in it, the voices of the brothers Sofia and Gabriel Vaz slip through thunderous orchestrations of violins. The music is gaining intensity both in the lyrics and in the arrangement, culminating in a beautiful climax, filled with voices and stringed instruments.

The new album was produced by Bruno Giorgi, who had his work with singer Lenine nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2013 and 2015.

Supercolisor: “Sim”

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A clip of “a band playing in the studio with white background” is never enough, and Supercolisor knows that well.

The production, made by Studio Bonk!, inserts the group in this scenario to be able to play with camera movements and, mainly, insertions of animation in frame, as if the context were a “blank screen” for the drawings to appear and the music flow at the right time.

Beautiful, especially because you know how to put the video according to the track, since it is from her that the colors seem to appear.