Amarelo Manga: “O Dano”

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This year, Amarelo Manga debuted a live video for the single “O Dano” (The damage), the first record for the track that the Brazilian band has performed at their shows.

Launched in partnership with YouTube’s Geleia channel, the session was recorded last year, when the group still performed as a trio. According to Julio Santa Cecilia, Amarelo Manga wants to reveal more news gradually, while “cooking a new material”, in his words.

His debut album, Nuca, came out in 2016 on the label Deck, with the songs Miojo and Geribá in his repertoire.

Rebel Machine: “It Doesn’t Matter to Me”

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Rebel Machine launched its new music video on March 31st. Directed by filmmaker Ulisses da Motta, “It Does not Matter to Me“, he also has the photography direction of Rafael Duarte.

This music video is a challenge for Rock fans: over the nearly four-minute show, the audience is invited to participate in the ” 40 Rock Artists Challenge “, where 40 elements make reference to great bands of Rock of the last five decades.

E A Terra Nunca Me Pareceu Tão Distante: “Medo de Tentar”

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After the release of “Vazio” (empty) (2014), a work that officially presented the work of the band E Terra Nunca Me Pareceu Tão Distante, one of the great examples of the national post-rock, Lucas Theodoro, Luccas Villela, Luden Viana and Rafael Jonke Buriti came back. An extension of the material featured on the album, but fragmented creatively in “Medo de Tentar” (Afraid to try) and “Medo de Morrer” (fear to die).

The video features a performance in SESC Pompeia of Medo de Tentar, a typical example of the genre in the middle of the 1990s, breaking into different acts, revealing moments of anger and lull.

mannequin trees: “daydream”

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Icaro Reis, a member of the Sergipe band Sarina, recently released the first song of his solo project – Mannequin Trees. According to the musician, the lyrics of the music “Daydream” were based on their daily life and tells the story of two girls.

The mixing, mastering and editing were performed by Icaro Reis himself. According to him, “Daydream” was the first song performed for his project. The song came out after the rhythm stayed in his head. Then he recorded the bass line and sent it to his brother and a friend.

Icaro has launched the project through a series of videos recorded live on Cavalo Estúdio in São Paulo and brings a lo-fi aesthetic. The direction of the videos was in charge by Azevedo Lobo.

For the sessions, Icaro, who is responsible for the voice and guitar, had Gabriel Olivieri (O Grande Babaca) on guitar and voice; Teago Oliveira (Maglore) on bass and vocals, Leon Perez on synthesizers and Marco Trintinalha on drums.

Jennifer Lo-Fi: “Troffea”

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Troffea” is the opening single from “Noia“, released in 2011, and produced by Chuck Hipolitho at Estúdio Costella.

Jennifer Lo Fi are a quintet from São Paulo. They had been following a promising path within Brazilian alternative rock, playing songs that escapes the indie’s basic standards.

They met on the internet and also in the virtual world they started to make web shows in real time. A creative band.

Ventre: “Quente”

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Textures, colors and movement give visual shape to “Quente” (hot), another powerful track of Ventre.

Some plans are easy to identify, such as the superclose in the eyes or skin, but the cool thing is not to figure out what appears on the screen. The point is to see how the tonalities of the music gain visibility in a subjective as well as effective way.

Aggressive and sensual, the clip was made by Pablo Leal and Alice Turnbull.

Salve Jurema: “Imensidão Azul”

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Salve Jurema appeared in the small town of São Marcos, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The homonymous EP is the first work of the band and presents a sound that passes through several atmospheres, a mystical mix of rock n roll with Brazilian rhythms from different regions of our immense country.

The songs present an identity with spiritual themes and influences of the own nature that intends to open the inner being of each one.

The video of “Imensidão Azul” is a collage of all these references, with special emphasis on the whole maritime dream present in the lyrics of the song, translated graphically into a video produced by Leonardo Frizzo de Lucena.

Supervão: “Vitória Pós-Humana”

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Completely homemade, the Supervão group presents the second video clip of the project titled “Vitória Pós-Humana” (Post-Human Victory). The song is featured on the debut EP “Lua Degradê” (Gradient Moon), released in early 2016 by the labels Honey Bomb Records and Lezma Records.

The audiovisual material had direction and edition signed by the members themselves using the aesthetic mechanisms of the vaporwave art movement, also containing dadaist and anthropophagic influences.

Supervão is a Brazilian band, from São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, started in 2015. The members are Mario Arruda, Leonardo Serafini and Ricardo Giacomoni.

Baleia: “Volta”

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It is always tricky to put yourself in perspective and contemplate a whole period of change in life when you are going through it. The lyrical-self in “Volta” (comeback) seems to be in this moment, to understand causes and consequences with verbs in the past and future to explain its present condition, the change itself.

The music video, directed by Kayhan Lannes Ozmen and Vicente Tigre, features actor Igor Angelkorte as the character who, in the midst of his journey through unknown territory, has the chance to witness in the third person a ritual that surrounds himself with sound and the presence of the sextet “Baleia“.
With an art direction that takes on the theatrical tone present on the album, the camera seeks the frontality of the action as if it were also spectator of that narrative.

The spectacular tone, especially in the visual, remains unchanged. The clip serves as a preview of the “Atlas” album release.

“Volta” is a highly percussive song, marked by the strong interplay between drums, bass and guitar, which form a base as crooked as it is propulsive – in it, the voices of the brothers Sofia and Gabriel Vaz slip through thunderous orchestrations of violins. The music is gaining intensity both in the lyrics and in the arrangement, culminating in a beautiful climax, filled with voices and stringed instruments.

The new album was produced by Bruno Giorgi, who had his work with singer Lenine nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2013 and 2015.

Supercolisor: “Sim”

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A clip of “a band playing in the studio with white background” is never enough, and Supercolisor knows that well.

The production, made by Studio Bonk!, inserts the group in this scenario to be able to play with camera movements and, mainly, insertions of animation in frame, as if the context were a “blank screen” for the drawings to appear and the music flow at the right time.

Beautiful, especially because you know how to put the video according to the track, since it is from her that the colors seem to appear.