Circo Litoral: “Além do Mar”

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Circo Litoral emerged in August 2012 and is included in a context of self-affirmation of alternative music produced in Bahian lands. The band stands on the threshold between the new Brazilian popular music and alternative and independent rock.

Two years after the EP “Antes do Que Se Pensa“, Circo Litoral launches its first complete album, produced by Thiago Ribeiro (Toco and me voy) and Dieguito Reis (Vivendo do Ócio).
As cliché as it sounds, this is a more mature work compared to the previous record. “Além do Mar” has arrangements that somehow reflect the identity of the band.

Oto Gris: “Práticas de Mergulho-Vôo”

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Overflowing intriguing images embracing the band’s ethereal compositions with senses. We are talking about “Práticas de Mergulho-Vôo” (Diving-Flight Practices), music video of Oto Gris, which was directed and produced by Tuane Eggers, Biel Gomes and Antonio Ternura.

The lyrics present a confession, which the band says has a lot to do with getting rid of the city. To counteract the scenarios described in the verses, Tuane also tried to be at the head of the cameras, using the pulsar around nature as a location.

“I really liked the sound, the guitars, I always thought the clip would be focused on this climate, not on a common narrative. We used overlays, something present in my photographs, and the images were initially guided by the title of the song.” Explains Eggers in detail.

Oto Gris is composed by Davi Serrano (vocals and guitar), Jonas Gomes (bass) and Victor Bluhm (drums and samples).

Ventre: “Peso do Corpo”

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With almost six minutes in duration, “Peso do Corpo” (Body Weight) is the first clip of the band Ventre, after a couple of videos with live music.
Following the proposal of the song: a narrative about an obsession as theme through suggestive images and very interesting plans, under the direction of Philippe Noguchi.
In the middle of the scenes, the musicians appear as if they were entities of another dimension that accompany the protagonist in their motivations. So in the video, there is an almost surreal problem, with a remarkable rhythm for the music.

Bratislava: “Yorick”

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The “Yorick” video, a song that Bratislava released in his “Um Pouco Mais de Silêncio” (2015), shows warm colors and overlaps that fill the screen. In it, the band Bratislava plays the track for the camera under the direction of Lucci Antunes.
Simple thing, the four in the studio, letting the verses speak louder.

According to the band, “Yorick is a character in Shakespeare‘s HAMLET. In fact, it is that skull that Hamlet holds in one of the key parts of the play, a famous scene that is already widely reproduced in paintings, drawings and films. In the dialogue, Hamlet wanders over the ephemeral character of life, recalling the days when the court jester was still alive. “

Bratislava: “Vermelho”

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Vermelho” was the prophetic single of “Um Pouco Mais de Silêncio“, an album released by Bratislava in 2015.
According to Victor Meira, the lead singer of the band: “What surprised everyone here in the band was the prophetic character of the lyrics. We had already been working on this material, but last Friday (April 11, 2014) I saw a news about the ‘blood moon’ It is a phenomenon that occurs from so many years, when there is a specific alignment of the stars, and the moon appears red in the sky. I wrote the lyrics after a dream I had in January. The coincidence left the whole band perplexed.”