First Breath After Coma: “Nagmani (feat. Andre Barros)”

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Water as a miracle and mystery of life has always been the motto for a larger composition of First Breath After Coma. It now receives a visual identity, in a film produced and recorded by the band members themselves, who recently set up their own audiovisual production company: Casota Collective.

Between electronics and the dreamy and sophisticated ambience of First Breath After Coma, “Nagmani” is the result of a partnership with composer and pianist André Barros, which makes Drifter’s journey even more epic.

One of the most beautiful videos we have ever had the pleasure of presenting here.

First Breath After Coma: “Umbrae”

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When they recorded a debut album in 2013 they were far from thinking that tracks like “Escape“, “Shoes For Men With No Feet” or “Apnea” could reach international radio stations and take them on an extended tour.

The crossroads of post-rock influence with the song format that made his record an auspicious surprise was just the beginning of a journey that now has a second chapter. They recorded sounds of almost everything around them, lost themselves in the discographies of the evolution of rock and electronic music and the result is “Drifter“. This album carries the DNA of the First Breath After Coma but points out even more paths to the present and to the Future of this young formation from Leiria.

Umbrae” is the new video and it is another strong theme of the album “Drifter”. The music has the special participation of Noiserv. The Video was realized by Omnichord Records, with edition of Rui Gaspar and Telmo Soares. Rui Paixão with his project “Cão à Chuva” was responsible for the “performance” of the video