Icaro Reis, a member of the Sergipe band Sarina, recently released the first song of his solo project – Mannequin Trees. According to the musician, the lyrics of the music “Daydream” were based on their daily life and tells the story of two girls.

The mixing, mastering and editing were performed by Icaro Reis himself. According to him, “Daydream” was the first song performed for his project. The song came out after the rhythm stayed in his head. Then he recorded the bass line and sent it to his brother and a friend.

Icaro has launched the project through a series of videos recorded live on Cavalo Estúdio in São Paulo and brings a lo-fi aesthetic. The direction of the videos was in charge by Azevedo Lobo.

For the sessions, Icaro, who is responsible for the voice and guitar, had Gabriel Olivieri (O Grande Babaca) on guitar and voice; Teago Oliveira (Maglore) on bass and vocals, Leon Perez on synthesizers and Marco Trintinalha on drums.