Sunking: “Para Um Anormal”

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Pouco Original“, the first of the three works to be released over the next few months, represents the statement of Luis José Tojo (keyboardist in Chinaskee & os Camponeses) as frontman on his own terms, relying on simple pop songs and beautiful choruses , clinging to the microphone.

Simplicity also reflected in the first video clip of the project.

Rosemary Baby: “Dangerous Imagination”

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It’s the things of life and heart, the joys and sorrows of everyday life that lives the creativity of Bruno Rosmaninho, we continue to discover the latest album of the Rosemary Baby.

After “I Can’t Breathe“, the single that made known “Timeless” last March, “Dangerous Imagination” is the new single that takes us on a journey through the inspiration given by a night that only seems to bring problems without solution, in the his usual recording, in which he translates what goes into his soul through the crossing of rock n ‘roll and folk.

Dapunksportif: “Trouble”

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DAPUNKSPORTIF are preparing to release their fourth album of originals “Soundz of Squeeze’o’phrenia“.

Trouble“, the first track on the new album, tells us how to organize and manage our time and the consequences of unceasing pursuit of a dream.

The video of live footage was produced by Luis Rafa Matos and features sequences of live images, taken from a series of concerts of the band throughout the european summer of 2017.

Paraguaii: “Ancient Gurl”

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Ancient Gurl” is the second single for “Dream About The Things You Never Do“, the new album by Paraguaii, edited by BLITZ Records and Sony Music Entertainment in March of this year.

Through the vision of Pedro Bastos and the studio Bando à Parte, the video aims to challenge the energy circumscribed to the human being, proposing a dreamlike beauty that mixes with reality. Distinct and light-imbued ingredients merge with the history of Paraguaii, woven by contexts, stories and personal experiences that mark the unceasing pursuit of our place in the world.

Throes + The Shine: “Capuca”

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Capuca é a nova “bebida quente” dos Throes + The Shine.

A fusão multicultural de “Capuca” funciona aqui como single de avanço do album novo, “Wanga“, com lançamento previsto para maio, desta vez lançado pela Discotexas. Uma pequena amostra da nova receita da banda, vamos aos ingredientes:

Aqui nós podemos encontrar a assertividade lírica do kuduro numa núvem eletro-pop festiva com sabor a cumbia, com a colaboração do músico congolês Pierre Kwenders, e a produção de Moullinex. Juntando à mistura um vídeo que acompanha essa dinâmica quente e colorida, e reflete na perfeição toda essa fusão cultural em forma de uma obra completa (talvez a receita mais íntegra e contagiante dos Throes + The Shine). Aguardamos pelo album inteiro:


Throes + The Shine: “Capuca” (via YouTube)


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