Rincon Sapiência: “Afro Rep”

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The rapper from São Paulo debuted a series of clips that portrayed the strength of the black people, and now completes this virtuous period with the release of Afro Rap.

Polished musically, as everything that artist has been producing in the last months, Afro Rep carries in the verses an evident feeling of conquest and reinforcement in the struggle for the marginalized groups. The song also arrives accompanied by a video clip directed by Rafael Jacinto and João Kehl.

Regards to William Waack

Rashid: “Química”

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Rashid continues with the dissemination of fragments that make up the new work of unpublished career, “Em Construção” (2017). After tracks such as Primera Diss, Musashi, Se Tudo Der Errado Amanhã, Sem Sorte and the excellent Mal Com o Mundo, the São Paulo rapper indulges in love in the recently launched “Química“. An R&B dominated by the rhymes and small romantic confessions of the artist that extend from the first to the last verse.

It rhymes as the dense base of the composition spreads unhurriedly, revealing the beats. Just over three minutes in which the artist ends up transforming his own feelings in the main fuel for the formation of the verses.

Língua Franca: “Ideal”

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Today we present the song “Ideal” from the “Língua Franca” project, along with Rael, Emicida, Capicua and Valete.

The video shows several people, including some in senior citizens, dancing in a huge hall. It was directed by Gabi Jacob, who already worked with the king of rhyme in the clip “Mandume“. The track is featured on the group’s new album, and bears the name of the project.

NBC: “Dois”

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Dois” (Two), the new NBC video for his upcoming album, “Toda Gente Pode Ser Tudo” (Everybody can be everything), features the signature of producer José Semedo, co-production of promising Slow J and Timóteo Santos himself, and the creativity of new musicians who accompany him live.