Rincon Sapiência: “Afro Rep”

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The rapper from São Paulo debuted a series of clips that portrayed the strength of the black people, and now completes this virtuous period with the release of Afro Rap.

Polished musically, as everything that artist has been producing in the last months, Afro Rep carries in the verses an evident feeling of conquest and reinforcement in the struggle for the marginalized groups. The song also arrives accompanied by a video clip directed by Rafael Jacinto and João Kehl.

Regards to William Waack

Rincon Sapiência: “Ponta de Lança (Verso Livre)”

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In “Ponta de Lança (Verso Livre)“, Rincon Sapiência launches an interesting provocation to the admirers of the brazilian rap.

Inspired by the current scene in the country, where fans seem to love rappers more than rhymes, it seeks to rescue the culture of MC, which should highlight the magic of words, the fit of rhymes and stories told through letters. In several loose bars without chorus, Rincon is amused by the words and in the scenes of the video clip directed by Jonah Emilião, creator of the studio Rasputines art, of Curitiba.

Filmed in Cohab 1, East Zone of São Paulo, where the artist was born, the clip was recorded with a Sony vx2000 camera, naturally bringing the texture of the old videos, that is, from the time when MC was prominent in Brazilian rap.