Alice Caymmi: “Inocente”

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Three years after the release of the great Rainha dos Raios (Queen of Lightning), the singer and composer from Rio is back with a new record. Entitled Alice (2018), the work will be released in the beginning of next year. The production was signed by also singer-songwriter Barbara Ohana and should flirt with new sonorities.

Proof of this lies in the slow deconstruction of R&B that marks the album’s first single, “Inocente“. It’s a song signed by the singer Ana Carolina, however, subtly reassembled for the voice and electronic experiments of Caymmi. Cyclic voices that become the basis of the song, recalling an accessible version of Björk’s work, a musical reference to her.

Claudio Costa: “I’m Gonna Leave You”

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The song “I’m Gonna Leave You” is the new single from singer Claudio Costa. Marked by guitars and a POP atmosphere, the single was recorded at Estúdio Montanha and arrives as an isolated work, without being part of an EP or album.

“I wrote this song a few years ago, but it stayed there. The music talks about how sometimes even though things are over, we are still stuck with them and the process can be long and painful until you can make an end to it, “says Claudio.

Fióti: “Pitada de Amor”

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In July 2016, Fióti starred in the release of his first EP as a musician, “Gente Bonita” (beautiful people), a samba / mpb album, with the participation of names like Juçara Marçal and Thiago França. The clip for “Pitada de Amor” (Pinch of love) is a samba-rock produced by Curumim.

In the video, that counted with participation of Lellezinha (of the Dream Team do Passinho). Fióti portrays a waiter who can not be noticed by his beloved and, according to the musician, “is the translation of several real things that a timid person, like me, faces in an unrequited love.”
The clip was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in the favela Tavares Bastos, the same place where “Beautiful” by Snoop Dogg and Pharrel Willians was recorded) and was directed by Henrique Alqualo.

Ventre: “Quente”

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Textures, colors and movement give visual shape to “Quente” (hot), another powerful track of Ventre.

Some plans are easy to identify, such as the superclose in the eyes or skin, but the cool thing is not to figure out what appears on the screen. The point is to see how the tonalities of the music gain visibility in a subjective as well as effective way.

Aggressive and sensual, the clip was made by Pablo Leal and Alice Turnbull.

Baleia: “Volta”

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It is always tricky to put yourself in perspective and contemplate a whole period of change in life when you are going through it. The lyrical-self in “Volta” (comeback) seems to be in this moment, to understand causes and consequences with verbs in the past and future to explain its present condition, the change itself.

The music video, directed by Kayhan Lannes Ozmen and Vicente Tigre, features actor Igor Angelkorte as the character who, in the midst of his journey through unknown territory, has the chance to witness in the third person a ritual that surrounds himself with sound and the presence of the sextet “Baleia“.
With an art direction that takes on the theatrical tone present on the album, the camera seeks the frontality of the action as if it were also spectator of that narrative.

The spectacular tone, especially in the visual, remains unchanged. The clip serves as a preview of the “Atlas” album release.

“Volta” is a highly percussive song, marked by the strong interplay between drums, bass and guitar, which form a base as crooked as it is propulsive – in it, the voices of the brothers Sofia and Gabriel Vaz slip through thunderous orchestrations of violins. The music is gaining intensity both in the lyrics and in the arrangement, culminating in a beautiful climax, filled with voices and stringed instruments.

The new album was produced by Bruno Giorgi, who had his work with singer Lenine nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2013 and 2015.

Ventre: “Peso do Corpo”

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With almost six minutes in duration, “Peso do Corpo” (Body Weight) is the first clip of the band Ventre, after a couple of videos with live music.
Following the proposal of the song: a narrative about an obsession as theme through suggestive images and very interesting plans, under the direction of Philippe Noguchi.
In the middle of the scenes, the musicians appear as if they were entities of another dimension that accompany the protagonist in their motivations. So in the video, there is an almost surreal problem, with a remarkable rhythm for the music.

Iara Rennó: “Ritmo da Moçada”

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The São Paulo artist Iara Rennó launches the clip of “Ritmo da Moçada“.

Track of the album “Flecha” (YB Musica e Selo Circus, 2016), recorded during the participation of the singer in the allegorical car from Rio de Janeiro’ CarnivalViemos do Egyto” in 2014. With music production by Curumin, execution and arrangements by Mauricio Fleury, Gustavo Pelo, Lucas Martins, Mauricio Bade and Douglas Antunes, the clip counted on the direction of also singer, songwriter and filmmaker Ava Rocha.

Gabriela Garrido: “Como Sempre”

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Gabriela Garrido is a young singer from Rio de Janeiro, 21 years old, who started writing her own songs at 16, and today she dedicates herself to solo career. Last year Gabriela released her debut EP, “Mergulho”, with a mix of Pop Rock and MPB.

Recently the singer released a music video for “Como Sempre“, one of the tracks of this album, and showed in a short video scenes of a trip with friends, where each one had the function of filming a little to compose the clip with remarkable moments.