Jennifer Lo-Fi: “Troffea”

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Troffea” is the opening single from “Noia“, released in 2011, and produced by Chuck Hipolitho at Estúdio Costella.

Jennifer Lo Fi are a quintet from São Paulo. They had been following a promising path within Brazilian alternative rock, playing songs that escapes the indie’s basic standards.

They met on the internet and also in the virtual world they started to make web shows in real time. A creative band.

The Sunflowers: “Mountain”

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The Sunflowers are a band from Porto and last year was marked by the release of their first full length, “The Intergalactic Guide to Find the Red Cowboy“, which only solidified the noise that themes like “Mama Kim” mentalized in our heads.

More than the structure of the narrative is the perfect fit of the fiction of this video clip, a mental escape from a student, in subverting the lectionary with a mad and furious energy.
Garage, rock, surf, punk, blues … Because all this explosive mixture of rock’n’roll is also inspired by an era given to subversions of institutional reality.

Ventre: “Quente”

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Textures, colors and movement give visual shape to “Quente” (hot), another powerful track of Ventre.

Some plans are easy to identify, such as the superclose in the eyes or skin, but the cool thing is not to figure out what appears on the screen. The point is to see how the tonalities of the music gain visibility in a subjective as well as effective way.

Aggressive and sensual, the clip was made by Pablo Leal and Alice Turnbull.

Salve Jurema: “Imensidão Azul”

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Salve Jurema appeared in the small town of São Marcos, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The homonymous EP is the first work of the band and presents a sound that passes through several atmospheres, a mystical mix of rock n roll with Brazilian rhythms from different regions of our immense country.

The songs present an identity with spiritual themes and influences of the own nature that intends to open the inner being of each one.

The video of “Imensidão Azul” is a collage of all these references, with special emphasis on the whole maritime dream present in the lyrics of the song, translated graphically into a video produced by Leonardo Frizzo de Lucena.

Oto Gris: “Práticas de Mergulho-Vôo”

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Overflowing intriguing images embracing the band’s ethereal compositions with senses. We are talking about “Práticas de Mergulho-Vôo” (Diving-Flight Practices), music video of Oto Gris, which was directed and produced by Tuane Eggers, Biel Gomes and Antonio Ternura.

The lyrics present a confession, which the band says has a lot to do with getting rid of the city. To counteract the scenarios described in the verses, Tuane also tried to be at the head of the cameras, using the pulsar around nature as a location.

“I really liked the sound, the guitars, I always thought the clip would be focused on this climate, not on a common narrative. We used overlays, something present in my photographs, and the images were initially guided by the title of the song.” Explains Eggers in detail.

Oto Gris is composed by Davi Serrano (vocals and guitar), Jonas Gomes (bass) and Victor Bluhm (drums and samples).

Ventre: “Peso do Corpo”

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With almost six minutes in duration, “Peso do Corpo” (Body Weight) is the first clip of the band Ventre, after a couple of videos with live music.
Following the proposal of the song: a narrative about an obsession as theme through suggestive images and very interesting plans, under the direction of Philippe Noguchi.
In the middle of the scenes, the musicians appear as if they were entities of another dimension that accompany the protagonist in their motivations. So in the video, there is an almost surreal problem, with a remarkable rhythm for the music.

Old Yellow Jack: “Glimmer”

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Depois da primeira experiência da banda em 2015, com o EP “Magnus“, o quarteto lisboeta marca a entrada de 2016 com uma viragem sonora do seu trabalho. Se por um lado o psicadelismo marcou sonoramente o seu início, agora, os Old Yellow Jack estão dispostos a criar um som mais voltado para o indie rock de bandas como Real Estate ou Pavement.

O álbum vai ser lançado a 29 de Abril, e será o primeiro longa da banda. Embora ainda não tenha um nome definido, “Glimmer” é o primeiro tiro do trabalho, que já tem vídeo (gravado na Ericeira, o mesmo lugar aonde a música foi composta, de maneira quase que instintiva).

Para além disso, o single pode ser descarregado aqui:


Old Yellow Jack: “Glimmer” (via YouTube)


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