Rosemary Baby: “Dangerous Imagination”

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It’s the things of life and heart, the joys and sorrows of everyday life that lives the creativity of Bruno Rosmaninho, we continue to discover the latest album of the Rosemary Baby.

After “I Can’t Breathe“, the single that made known “Timeless” last March, “Dangerous Imagination” is the new single that takes us on a journey through the inspiration given by a night that only seems to bring problems without solution, in the his usual recording, in which he translates what goes into his soul through the crossing of rock n ‘roll and folk.

Rosemary Baby: “I Can’t Breathe”

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“I can’t breathe” were the last words of Eric Garner, an American brutally killed by New York police in 2014. “I can’t breathe” are therefore the first words of what is the return of Bruno Rosmaninho Aka Rosemary Baby to the original themes.

As a cry of revolt and manifesto against discrimination, the theme of advancement for the new album “Timeless” materializes the need to rewrite a new story.

But instead of war and conflict, Rosemary Baby chooses the hug and, with her dreamy pop, seems to have only one goal: to simplify what the world seems to complicate, to simplify the human relationship.
It all started in 2012, inspired by Ilha do Príncipe, when Bruno Rosmaninho began to write the songs that later that year went from guitar to studio. Things of life, joys or day-to-day sorrows … On November 25 of the same year was released “The First Time“.