Castilho: “Come Back”

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Pedro Castilho, a member of Savanna, recently launched himself in the romantic songbook universe with the solo project Castilho. Also released by Pontiaq. “Come Back“, the first song written by Castilho, already has a video clip.

George Marvinson: “My Summer”

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George Marvinson is the pseudonym created by Tiago Vilhena (bass player of the Savanna) to show us his vision of the world in the form of songs. After the first single from the debut album, “Beni,” which showed a seductive and romantic facet of the musician, “My Summer“, shows us a fighting spirit and insistent, aggressive but at the same time entertaining, that until now George Marvinson had not yet unraveled.

Chill Wild Life” will be the name of the debut album and will allow us to accompany George in his dilemmas, passions and daydreams in the form of simple and honest lyrics accompanied by a musicality now fun or nostalgic, always with a unusual decommissioning.

The album was recorded with the family at pontiaq’s studio by the hand of brother Miguel Vilhena at the end of 2016 and will be released in 2017 also by pontiaq.