Amarelo Manga: “O Dano”

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This year, Amarelo Manga debuted a live video for the single “O Dano” (The damage), the first record for the track that the Brazilian band has performed at their shows.

Launched in partnership with YouTube’s Geleia channel, the session was recorded last year, when the group still performed as a trio. According to Julio Santa Cecilia, Amarelo Manga wants to reveal more news gradually, while “cooking a new material”, in his words.

His debut album, Nuca, came out in 2016 on the label Deck, with the songs Miojo and Geribá in his repertoire.

LOS NEGROS: “Lady King”

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Los Negros have just released their first EP Amor Nos Cornos (Love in the Horns), with a strong performative component. The singer, Sara Ribeiro, is an actress, and the lyrics were created by the director João Garcia Miguel. The band is complete with Gil Dionísio (Criatura), Alexandre Bernardo (Laia, Criatura), Márcio Pinto (Terrakota) and Hernani Faustino (Trio Vermelho). The EP exposes various feelings and inner struggles.

According to Sara, “Lady King” was created “from a child’s idea, from a dark side that exists in us, our shadow, that we tend to hide it instead of extolling it. To all the exiles, to all the women, to all the slaves, to all the emigrants. ”

Like the whole project, the video for “Lady King” follows an aesthetic line strongly marked by performance.

Rua Direita: “Mariana”

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Rua Direita are new people with fresh spirit. The duo from Leiria composed by Donato Rosa and Paulo Ladeiras, started activity on common ground and quickly made Rua Direita the epicenter of meeting the riffs and words of one with the assertive beats of another.

The lead single “Mariana” showed how a common name can open the door to a pop universe that has both new and familiar.

Produced by Pedro de Tróia, recorded and mixed by Bruno Pedro Simões at Black Sheep Studios, edited by Azul de Tróia, “Rua Direita” is already available on the main digital platforms.

Fióti: “Pitada de Amor”

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In July 2016, Fióti starred in the release of his first EP as a musician, “Gente Bonita” (beautiful people), a samba / mpb album, with the participation of names like Juçara Marçal and Thiago França. The clip for “Pitada de Amor” (Pinch of love) is a samba-rock produced by Curumim.

In the video, that counted with participation of Lellezinha (of the Dream Team do Passinho). Fióti portrays a waiter who can not be noticed by his beloved and, according to the musician, “is the translation of several real things that a timid person, like me, faces in an unrequited love.”
The clip was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in the favela Tavares Bastos, the same place where “Beautiful” by Snoop Dogg and Pharrel Willians was recorded) and was directed by Henrique Alqualo.

The Sunflowers: “Mountain”

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The Sunflowers are a band from Porto and last year was marked by the release of their first full length, “The Intergalactic Guide to Find the Red Cowboy“, which only solidified the noise that themes like “Mama Kim” mentalized in our heads.

More than the structure of the narrative is the perfect fit of the fiction of this video clip, a mental escape from a student, in subverting the lectionary with a mad and furious energy.
Garage, rock, surf, punk, blues … Because all this explosive mixture of rock’n’roll is also inspired by an era given to subversions of institutional reality.

Tundra Fault: “Of Yore (groundwork)”

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A prelude to their second album, “Coherent Groundworks” brings us Tundra Fault in exploratory mode. By reducing the beats to a minimum, the four tracks on this EP give space for experimentation, ambiences, sounds from somewhere, voices from afar. As its name suggests, these tracks are the groundwork for four of the songs that will be on the next Tundra Fault’s album.

To introduce this EP, the artist made a video clip for the last track, “Of Yore (groundwork)“, a video that crosses moments of history superimposed over each other, characterizing them but focusing on faces and faces. “Of Yore (groundwork)” is a look to the past to face the future.

The EP is now available on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming platforms and can be downloaded on pay-what-you-want model here.

Fogo-Fogo: “M’bem Di Fora”

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This Friday is funaná day, with “M’Bem di Fora“, the new video of Fogo-Fogo, band with a Cape Verdean soul, but that was born in Casa Independente, in Lisbon, and of which are members the former ex-Cool Hipnoise João Gomes and Francisco Rebelo.

“The idea for this video came to me in late 2015 after the filming of the video ‘E Si Propi‘. I felt that this video showed a side of the Fogo-Fogo that, although important, did not live up to what is the reality of its universe. Something was missing … It lacked its audience and the heady effect they provoke. It was there that I proposed to the band to document their concerts during the following year (2016), with a view to making a video that embodies the spirit of Fogo-Fogo and the impact of their energy in the audience. “- Richard F. Coelho, director

“We immediately accepted Richard’s proposal, to portray us on the road and to capture live the band’s drive, on and off the stage. The real stars of the video turn out to be the people, who, coming a little from everywhere, surprise us with the fervor, the delivery and the ginga that they manifest. Anyone who has not seen us live can now feel some of the heat. The original song by guitarist Katchás was recorded by the Bulimundo on the Djâm Brancu Dja album of 1981. It came at a time when the funaná was beginning to be identified as a symbol of freedom and a cultural element through which the sense of identity was affirmed Cape Verdean. “- Fogo-Fogo

Lince: “Earth Space”

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Sofia Ribeiro was born in Guimarães, resides in Porto, studied music, dance and plastic arts and currently divides her time in various artistic areas. His career in music has stood out in recent years for being part of WE TRUST and There Must Be a Place.

Now, she starts his solo project, Lince, which presents (through voices, pianos and synthesizers) two songs, both accompanied by videos made by André Tentugal.

According to Sofia, “‘Earth Space‘ is a metaphor for the personality movements we feel at certain times when we are far from our place. We find that this is us too. “

Samuel Úria: “Dou-me Corda”

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Samuel Úria presented “Dou-me Corda“, the first single from her new album, “Carga de Ombro” (Shoulder Load).

The successor to “Grande Medo do Pequeno Mundo” (The Great Fear of the Little World), was released on April 29.

Samuel Úria says that “Dou-me Corda”: “It’s for people not to think that I’ve been going soften through these three years. It’s a strong song, probably even difficult because it’s long, very repetitive. It’s a minor blues, with some violence but also with a gospel grandiloquence that pleases me.”

The production of the album belonged to Miguel Ferreira, of Clã.

O Gajo: “Há Uma Festa Aqui Ao Lado”

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Há Uma Festa Aqui ao Lado” (There’s a party here next door) is the first single from the new album of O Gajo, “Longe do Chão” (Far from the ground) that was released on May 20. This is the debut work by the musician João Morais.

This single is a theme with a very characteristic sonority of the nostalgic universe but at the same time shows the euphoric side of the city of Lisbon. The references and tributes to this city are mirrored throughout this new album d’O Dajo, and “Há Uma Festa Aqui ao Lado” is the first theme that will unveil all this atmosphere.

According to João Morais, “where there is a “viola” there is a party” and this is the perspective of the neighbor who listens to it. This is also the theme that served as a test to the marriage of old ideas with the new sound of “Viola Campaniça“, instrument that guides all the work of O Gajo. “The fusion went well and the marriage is about to last,” admits the artist.

“Longe do Chão” is a work of vague afternoon shadows that populate the universe of the artist, and tell us stories of the hidden city. Is a flight on our own packed by a “Viola Campaniça” that fills us like The tide and floods us with feelings of shipwreck.