We present today the first revealed track of “Pineal“, second Tagore album. “Mudo” has psychedelic airs, vibrant colors and neon touches. A turntable gains prominence in the passages, denoting the retro atmosphere of production, in which Tagore’s accent remains.

With special colaborations such as Benke Ferraz and Fernando Almeida Filho, from the band Boogarins, Pineal is a very different work than was “Movido A Vapor“, released in 2014 independently.

“In Pineal, inspired by the gland we have in the center of the brain, the lyrics explore sociopolitical criticisms, everyday points of view, always through the prism of a sensitive figure,” explains Tagore.

The album compiles 12 tracks recorded in a home studio in Recife, in six months of production. “Theoretically, this gland would be responsible for all our extrasensory connections, or ‘mediums.’ I decided to honor this organ, which in many cultures was represented as our Third Eye,” says Tagore.